10 Sequencing Mistakes Yoga Teachers Need to Stop Making

Discover what key ingredients your yoga sequencing is missing.

10 Sequencing Mistakes Yoga Teachers Need to Stop Making

Discover What Key Ingredients Your Yoga Sequencing is Missing

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10 Sequencing Mistakes Yoga Teachers Need to Stop Making

Crack the Code for Creative and Intelligent Yoga Sequencing to Better Serve Your Students

Sequencology© is a 30-hour advanced yoga teacher training for intelligent vinyasa yoga sequencing. Learn how to reverse engineer peak poses and refine their building blocks to create challenging, safe, and efficient yoga sequences. Enrich your sequences with subtle body theme work, strategic cognitive therapeutics, and dharma talk. This digital course is a hybrid of pre-recorded content dripped in small, digestible morsels, homework assignments, and live Zoom meetings to keep you on track. 

What You Will Learn

While Earning 30 Continuing Education Hours

  • How to assign language to somatic experience

  • How to Sequence from the Outside In

  • How to Reverse Engineer Peak Poses

  • How to Identify Key Actions and Develop Key Action Work

  • How to Sequence Spontaneously with A Master Plan

  • How to Sequence and Create Themes for the Subtle Body

  • How to Make Your Classes Welcoming and Inclusive for Everyone in Your Community

  • How to Incorporate Pranayama, Yin, Restorative, and Cognitive Therapeutics into Your Vinyasa Sequences

  • How to Give an Effective Dharma Talk

  • How to Teach a Metronome Flow

Hear What Graduates Are Saying...

  • Learning Sequencology© brought my class structure to the next level.

    Everything became much more intentional. Every pose had a purpose. And, I discovered how to reverse engineer poses which was not something I had ever done before when sequencing a class.

  • There's a highly intelligent way that Lori is using to make a regular vinyasa class a different experience.

    It feels like a combination of a very good meditation and dance. Everything flows and intertwines together perfectly. I most certainly appreciated how everything was explained very simply and clearly, and underneath it all it was a spiritual experience.

  • Lori's love and respect for yoga is contagious...

    and it shines through in her illuminating classes and trainings. By sharing her wisdom, she helped me refine and deepen my teaching so that I can better serve my students.


  • What is this course about?

    Sequencology© is an advanced yoga teacher training for intelligent vinyasa sequencing. This training will equip you with the tools to effectively and safely guide students through creative sequences. You will develop a skill set to sequence spontaneously and serve the people who show up for your classes. This is not a training about how to sequence "Lori Flow". You will develop the agency to think critically about and how to sequence.

  • What does "advanced" mean?

    Advanced means this is a continuing education course that advances your skills as a teacher. It builds on your prior training.

  • Do I need to have an advanced practice?

    No, this training looks at the archetypes of poses and teaches you how to deconstruct them down to their building blocks to make them accessible to every level of student.

  • Is this training for seasoned teachers?

    Sequencology© is for any teacher looking for inspiration, support, and the tools to catapult their sequences to the next level. This training is a game-changer and will revitalize your teaching, empower your confidence, and teach you how to serve every student in your community.

  • How long is the course?

    30 hours total. At three points in the training we will schedule Zoom sessions to review the pre-recorded material and to practice teaching.

  • How is the course set up?

    The course is self-paced. The pre-recorded digital content is broken up into 4 sections. Each section contains several chapters, each one being less than 30 minutes in length. Each chapter will have a quiz or journaling prompt at the end of it. There will also be 4 pre-recorded one hour long practices taught by Lori.

  • How much does the training cost?

    $349 USD

  • Do I receive continuing education credit from Yoga Alliance for this training?

    Yes. Yoga Alliance currently is permitting online trainings to count toward the 75 hours of continuing education hours required every three years for all yoga teachers. You will receive 30 CE hours.


Creator of Sequencology©

Lori McAlister

Lori McAlister (E-RYT 500, YACEP) is the creator of Sequencology© and is a worldwide celebrated yoga educator. Lori is best known for her skillfully crafted vinyasa classes and passion for sharing her love of yoga in teacher trainings. She taps into her lifelong study of human anatomy and alignment, her prior background in dance and choreography, and her in-depth somatic wisdom from 25 years practicing yoga. She's been teaching vinyasa yoga for over 16 years and has a Bachelor's degree in Dance. She began leading sequencing modules in Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour teacher trainings in 2007 and created Sequencology in 2011. She has now offered Sequencology in several 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs in the New York and Philadelphia areas. She also leads a regular weekly schedule of online classes at loriyoga.com. Lori has deep gratitude for all her teachers, especially Shiva Rea, Schuyler Grant, Nikki Vilella, Alison West, Alex Auder, Ana Forrest, Govinda Kai, Alan Finger, Ray Long, Kaustaub Desikachar, David Regelin, and Judith Hanson Lasater.